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Zimmermen not guilty, Weiner/Spitzer the corrupt duo, opposition to photo id for voters

Zimmermain is found not guilty – however, it seems our courts of law and their legal constitutional decisions by a jury of their peers can be challenged if a group yells long and loud enough. Hence, if the federal government intervenes, is not that a suspension of the constitution where even if we are found not guilty we can still be guilty and tried again and again.

Once again teh black have lost an opportunity to fix teh problems. The situation is/was tragic. How society set this scenario up to happen. Idea: Blacks stop denying the problems – start teaching your kids to do well in school, family life, that looking and acting like a thug is unacceptable. Work hard etc… Than and only than can you change the perception of society towards the ones that keep you at the level you are – we have a black president – you can be anything you want to be – choose wisely and stop hiding behind your blackism.

Weiner and spitzer as mayor and comptroller – if we elect them, we deserve everything we get – what else is there to day. We seem to accept the lies and corruption and actually like it – since we keep voting them in.

Photo ID required to vote – yes we want to verify you are a citizen of this US – however it seems our officials feel this is “too much” for us to handle – hmm i have a photo id for a drivers license and require it at the airport – does this limit anyone from traveling – nope. Oh thats right, it will stop the illegial aliens form voting – god forbid we say what they are – illegal – law breakers.