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You will definetly lose your doctor under Obama care – except if your a frieind of the whitehouse

Now it makes sense why our politicians on capital hill excused themselves from Obama care and allowed their friends in business and the unions to also have┬áthis luxury – they KNEW that all would lose their doctor and the care would be less.

Make you think – no? But what is the purpose anymore? Our president is self absorbed and uncaring about anything but his “vision”. He views us as chattel that must listen to him – he will “never” repeal Obama care – we are all wrong except him! no matter how many lies he told, no matter how much money, our money he spent, no matter the disaster he is causing…………………

And yet again – no one takes him to task and keeps the pressure up – the means does NOT justify the ends in the case – You cannot trump our constitution and lie to the American people with out consequences – what precedent does this set for the future?

This folly will never end!