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Why Things Are As They Are and How People Are Truly Blind To The REAL World

I had an interesting heated discussion this weekend with a group of physicians. Lovely people, good doctors. During dinner, the discussion leaned towards business and politics.

I found it quite interesting how they were attacking businessmen like myself stating I don’t pay enough taxes and how everyone needs the best healthcare no matter what their status.

I commented to them that they work for a company and have never ran a business or started one. Nor have they had the “pain” of making payroll. They both work for a hospital and are completely insulated from the world of the business person that give them their job.

As the conversation progressed, they adamantly advised that all people deserve top healthcare and so many people don’t have it or access to proper care. One even gave an example fo a person with no money¬† working 12 hours a day that broke their arm. Because of their minimal insurance, they only were able to have it set properly but never returned for followup visits. Their comment was that if I paid more money and paid for their healthcare, this person would have had a special care coordinator assigned to them and would have had a better outcome.

My comment was – “You have great jobs making over $400k a year, you have 2 expensive cars, 2 regular cars, beautiful house with a pool, a private school for your child, a beach house and you go on vacation regularly. You are truly living the American dream,. I have an idea – Reduce your salary to $100,000, put your son i public school, sell your cars and by a Prius smart car, sell your house and move to an apartment in the projects so your medical skills can be donated to the needy and you are right in the heart of the issue and finally, go find this person that YOU TREATED with the broken arm that works 12 hours a day and did not come back for additional treatment, and personally take care of them with your own time and money.

You cannot look at me with disdain when you are reaping the benefits of being a physician and working for a hospital and government clinic. Never created jobs and never had to make payroll – hence, if you want me to give more, how bout you start with yourself?
If you do the above,m I will follow suite and both together can start a trend. Lets redistribute your wealth and see how you feel.

Their comment – “You just don’t understand you businessmen ruined this country And singing “coum by ya” and loving all is how it should be.”

Needless to say Рthe conversation became unpleasant  Рbut It was their home and I did back off.

This is the state of America and the state of our politicians – they speak with forked tongue and out both sides of their mouth.

If you have seen the movie Casablanca – you may remember the scene where the police chief closes down the bar for gambling – he was “shocked, shocked there is gambling in this establishment” right after an employee gives him his roulette winnings and he says “thank you” while he is closing down the bar.

And so it is – these people believe WE not THEM should distribute our wealth.