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Why hospital closings are “not dramatic”

[preamble]Resilience – flexibility – redundancy. People have these virtues. If a store closes, they goto another one. If a doctor closes or moves, they find another one. If a product they like is no longer available, they like another one. Hence, closing hospitals is not that dramatic as our current system has redundancy in it.
Now closing hospitals has a great media cry. How patients will be dying in the streets, care will go down – the world will end. But in actuality, who is making these arguments? The unions? Well yea – because they have the most to lose. Unions are designed to keep failing institutions open to maintain their monetary income (and yes they are the cause of MANY failures – St Vincents Hospital anyone?).
As in all things, there is a tipping point where closing & cutting back will begin to effect the very nature of the “thing” it serves. Hence, yes closing to many hospitals or to many fire stations will eventually cause a reduction in service – maybe.

However, the “dramatics” we here are simply exaggerations. Lets quickly review a few hospital closures.
Victory memorial in Brooklyn – No effect on care – people simple went elsewhere
St Vincents in NY City – No effect on care – people simply went elswhere
Coney ISland Hospital – after Storm Sandy, it is effectively closed – guess what – no effect on care – poeple went elsewhere.
LICH, the article below – when it closes – no effect on care – people will go elsewhere

We the people are far more self sufficient and resilient than we are led to believe. Why should we be wasting money on non needed failing institutions? Why do we always give – in to the union cry of “it will endanger people – safety” their famous public scaring outcry – when in realty they are just protecting themselves., and don’t give a darn about us or where the money is coming from.

St Vincents is vacant as well as most of Victory – what a waste of realestate – no tax income, no jobs generated – hence i say lets rethink hospitals and stop the status quo and “this is how its always been done”  – its time to reinvent how care is delivered and turn it from a money loser into a money maker delivering better care at sustainable prices. I propose an experiment: Give me 1 hospital – allow me to be free of the unions and to run it as a business – 1 year is all i ask. I accept no salary. If after a year i make a profit, I want 60% of the profit as a bonus. If I fail, I will step down in defeat.

That said, I say let LICH close and turn that property into something profitable!
Trust me – you wont feel a thing![backtopost]
Long Island College Hospital Update (HT: The MSSNY Daily)


Long Island College Hospital officials pledged Wednesday to step up its search for a new operator for the Cobble Hill healthcare facility.

 Officials at the State University of New York — which is trying to close LICH — vowed to go statewide or possibly nationwide with their hunt for a hospital to take over LICH.

Their new promise to get serious about looking for another operator for LICH instead of selling off its estimated $1 billion in real estate may be a nod to mounting political pressure: “It’s a big change from their prior position,” a source said.