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What we should have served at the presidents state of the union party

Sour grapes and wine!

Does anyone feel any optimism? Speaking to 20 of my business friends and associates in my local area, ALL to the person says business is down, has bounced a check, has been late on payroll and has had to lay off someone. All the while their taxes and cost of doing business has exploded!

You may say “that’s only 20 small business – they don’t speak for the nation” put that into perspective – 20 small businesses which employs 212 people, those 20 businesses have minimum 4 suppliers that also have employees and so on and so on – hence from 20 quickly reach the thousands – its called trickle down economics. Definition for those 18-25 year olds that think twitter and Facebook are the new world order and know more about business than we “small” business people that don’t know how to use a iphone properly. If My business declines, so does my suppliers and theirs and theirs and so on… hence the more burdens they put on us – the bread and butter of Americas economy, the worse they economy gets.

I have a great idea – stop giving away the proverbial farm to other countries, illegal aliens (yes ILLEGAL – not undocumented – please don’t get me started), stop strangling us “small” business people. Give us the respect and chance we deserve and watch the economy take off!

Quick taste of another peeve of mine that will appear in a post – Obama care – helping the illegal & poor by making us pay for them…………