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Welcome to the Arpreport

The world according to me

I believe in America
I believe jobs should not be shifted overseas
I believe your technical support person should speak English
I believe we should manufacturer good
I believe we have become lazy
I believe the dilution of the “family” is the causes of many problems
I believe you are responsible for you actions
I believe you have to work hard
I believe I started my business and I made it successful – no one else did
I believe not everyone deserves to win
I believe we have feminized our youth
I believe in GOD
I believe socialism is a disease that has proven to fail
I believe Obama care is a disaster and unjustly enriches private insurance companies
I believe unions are destructive
I believe in winning – I play to win
I believe there is no 2nd place – it means you did not win
I believe without GOD there can be no basis for morals
I believe as we remove GOD from our lives, we continue to descend into chaos

What do you believe?

Lets Bring America Back!
God Bless America!