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US Economy Flatlined first Quarter of 2014

It’s an achievement to not have job growth for 5 year. Its hard for Americans to NOT make money.
Bravo Obama! Even after billions in stimulus money pissed away!!
We lost over 3 Billion bailing out GM – meaning GM received a 3 Billion FREE loan from US! FREE MONEY no chance of paying it back. Try that with your bank mortgage!

What is the cause according to our president? Bush & Global warming!

The real reason is an administration that has raised taxes and is invasively intrusive in regulations!

Deblasio today:
1. Raises the mansion tax to pay for low income housing
2. Adds .30 cents for taxi cabs to pay for wheelchair accessibility
3. Gives failing teachers union 3 years back pay
4. Hides when found sneaking around with political donors
5. Give FREE lunch to the tune of $34 million a year to everyone!
6. Free After day care

So now we give free breakfast, free lunch, Free school, free after hours day care – gee what’s next FREE parenting?
Parents only need to sleep with their children!
One of the mottos of socialism is to break the family bonds – I let you decide.

JOBs in NY?
we are giving tax breaks for certain companies – what about us? the businesses that have been here for years employing people? What do we get for staying despite insane taxes and regulations? NOTHING!
we don’t matter