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Un-affordable health care – Now we have the numbers

We were promised!
We were taxed!
We were told its affordable!
We waited for it to start!
We were told it was wonderful!

Well – Obama care exchanges have been activated and now we know the truth. Its unaffordable! Its not designed for health care on a daily basis, its not designed for you to visit your doctor regularly, its not lower cost.

I have signed up for the exchange and did some research into the plans available – first I have ot say that picking on the web site and its problems is distracting from the actual issue – any technology that will be accessed by millions is bound to have glitches in the beginning – from a technological standpoint – it will get better over time.

The REAL problem is the costs.
I compared Silver and bronze plans from $308 to $384 per month. What is most shocking BUT expected is the MASSIVE deductibles.
$10 – $12 THOUSAND for drugs and $2000 – $6000 deductibles PLUS a 20% copay on the premium – meaning ANY copay is 20% of your monthly cost. so at $360 per month that’s $72 each time you visit the doctor!

My current insurance is $475 a month with a $15 copay and a $500 deductible

Lets do the math:
Obama care: $308 x 12 = $3696 Per year
Obama care deductible: $4000
Obama care med deductible $6000
Obama care copay $61.60
Total Yearly expense without doctors visits – $3696+$4000+$6000 = $13696

My current insurance: $475 x 12 = $5700.00
Deductible: $500
Copay – $15
Total cost: $6200.00

Am I missing something here? Obama care is NOT designed for your health and regular doctors visits – YOU PAY FOR THAT up to a MAX DEDUCTABLE of $6000!!!!!!!!
So you are paying for insurance you cant use.

Oh yes the government will help you pay for the premium – BUT who is paying the government to pay for your premium? WE ARE!
We are paying ourselves to help ourselves!
Obama care was designed for hospitalization and MAJOE crisis – not health care in general – this is not what was sold to us.
So in the end, we are forced with an EXPENSIVE unaffordable tax not health insurance.

When this folly ends……….