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Thoughts of the day

Just a few thoughts I had today of the state of our country:

1. Hillary Clinton in 4 years a over a million miles did NOTHING and left office with “things” worse than when she began
2. Can Hillary Clinton explain Benghazi?
3. What happened to Sheldon Silver spending our $100,00 on hushing up a prostitute?
4. The president really does not care about jobs – unemployment has not budged since he has been in office in 5 years. All we hear now is simple that the rich make more than the poor – nothing else.

America already has a sustainable economy – better than the entire world’s put together – how about we nurture it and reward again success.

Makes no sense if we were a business anbd kept failing and taking money from our investors – woudl they not complain and demand our firing? So why does not America stand up and take back our country?