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The Twitter Tweet Threat

Twitter was issued a court order to release the tweets of someone who threatened a redo of the killings in Colorado.

The Good:
We want our law enforcement to have access everything they need. We want people who threaten mass murder, terrorism and any other social chaos stopped. We want pedophiles stopped, we want gangs stopped, we want crime to go down, we want to be safe in our country. Hence, if someone or some group threatens to cause mayhem, death & destruction, and used social media or any form of media to “advise” us of their intentions, then i fully expect their identity and all information about them to be handed over to authorities for an investigation. Just as you cannot yell “FIRE” in a movie theater, nor can you kill people in one or yell “FIRE” out in public without ramifications. Social media is akin to “yelling” out to the world. Hence i support Twitter being forced to release all records of this tweeter.

The Bad:
With the ever present slow creep of socialism being felt in this country, are we giving up our freedom of speech and anonymity when our social rambling can be released to authorities and scrutinized? Employers now look at social media post of job applicants and 34% of applicants are not hired based upon those reviews.  Are we to be afraid of anything we write or say that it can be misused against us? As i stated in a previous post, will the “see something- say something” be perverted for us to watch our neighbors? What happened to the media’s “protecting their sources” or a priest not breaking the vows of confession (vows may be wrong word – great catholic i am today) or even the ramblings of posts and blogs? I think our current laws need tweaking on this matter to protect our freedoms tempered with protecting our “freedoms”

The Ugly:
I said it before, SOCIAL MEDIA IS DANGEROUS! Be very careful what you say – it never goes away – it follows you forever. Its worse than a bad credit score! Parents – teach your children well! what they put on Twitter and facebook today, while cute and funny, may stop them form getting a job in the future. Like a tattoo you get at age 16 – later in life you regret it only to find out its hard to get rid of.

The Proof:
24% of job applicants are not hired because of their social media postings – and that number is rising

Mitt Romney – remember he was chastised for supposed bullying someone in high school before the rise of social media – now imagine if we had it then!

Google, twitter, Facebook all keep records forever! read their ULA please.