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The true cost of Obama care and the ignorance of our president

6 cent tax imposed on taxi rides in ny – was SUPPOSED to goto health care costs but we find its going to pay navigators to get people to sign up – $13 million a year total

How much do we pay the navigators –  $34+ million a year?
How much did a web site cost – over a Billion dollars?
This waste alone if pumped into the health system would have ended the “crisis” for at least a year
And this is ONLY what we are told.

marines died in Afghanistan yesterday – not a peep from our esteems leader
spending budget approved – billions more to spend – and our elected officials all pat themselves on the back for a “job well done” – my god have we allowed ourselves to be such fools. Why have we allowed our ELECTED leaders to be unaccountable? This is all our doing and all our fault!
Will this folly ever end?