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The Tragedy in Connecicuit

While there are no words for such an evil act, we can only hope and pray that the family’s can find some peace.

However, I am so tired of this country overacting to every event, tragedy or bad thing that happens. Sorry people bad things happen, there is evil in the world. We cannot insulate ourselves from evil or bad things happening.

The president should not have been there – it takes away from the families. You cannot prevent this from happening. Gun laws are not the answer – yes its easily to say. It detracts from the real reasons of the problems.

Its akin to a accident on a street and the families cry out to politicians for a traffic light – the politicians put one there and sure enough traffic is halted and more problems ensue – BUT they looked good.
leave the families alone – they have enough grief – no expert can predict this, no law can prevent this – grow up America – the world is a bad place