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The muslim insanity

lets stop excusing them
lets stop making excuses for them
lets stop saying its “only a few” of them
lets stop saying they are a “peaceful” people

They are not. Historically they have never been. They are tribal – period.
They all want nothing but our destruction.
Where is the outrage in their community?
Where are the mullahs and imams condemning this?
Where are the Muslims condemning this?

They dont and never will.
Understands this – they do not want our help, they do not and will never want democracy or any form of it. Whilst we see them as oppressed and living under fear, is actually theri culture and what they need. They only understand barbarism and force – it can and will never change

Its very difficult for us to envision this – but we must understand that they will never change and we will never change them.