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The LED Light Bulb – Saving energy but costing us a fortune

[preamble]We are all told how to conserve energy, turn our lights off, drive less bla bla bla – billions spent and wasted on solar energy and bio fuel projects that fail – hence being a good citizen, i decided to replace all my lights in my home and office with LED’s. These excellent products really do save energy, last forever (well 10 + years) are super simple to install and really saved me some money on my electric bill. So why am i complaining? Well for 2 very important reasons:

1. They are all made in China – not a single American company makes them – interesting no?
2. They are ridiculously expensive! Hence it will take 3-5 years for anyone to recoup the few pennies saved in electric for the cost of the bulb. EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE MADE IN CHINA.

So why cannot they be made in America (they are already American made priced) and why are they sop expensive and out of the reach of most people if they save energy, pollution bla bla bla?

I replaced 20 4′ florescent bulbs with the LED units – the cost was $40 per bulb x 20 = $800, 10 8′ bulbs cost $78 x 10 = $780, 15 60 watt led bulbs cost $38 x 10 = $380 = total cost for my office alone was $1960 + shipping, time to install etc.. So far my electric bill has decreased per month by about $15. Major investment for a $180 savings per year.

Oh i forgot to mention – Con Edison must have gotten wind of my saving energy efforts – they are raising their rates – hence no savings but i spent a lot of money. Does this sound familiar? When the government gets involved with “savings” we find that in realty we do not save but spend more and it costs US the people more – aka. previous post on the obama care un-affordability.

When this folly ends!