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The folly of the teachers union – all for the children – yea right!

The Teachers union hands out extra credit for the dems!
The always cash strapped teachers union that is supposed to champion our schools and make sure our system graduates the cream of the crop ready to take on the challenges of the world, is slated to spend $500,000 thousand to boos the reelection campaign in their favor.

Hmmm – if i am correct, is this not the teachers money? Should not they be using the money to better our schools, educate the teachers they represent to produce better outcomes for our children? So when they say they need more money from us, should we not ask them to “donate” from their own savings to support us and our children?

We get what we deserve by not getting rid of these corrupt money laundering thieves!

And we think there is a healthcare crisis? There is a education crisis the bottomless morass of our stupidity always sinking more and more into these union coffers to only be smacked in the face each time.

When this folly ends!

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