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The falacy of the Medical Crisis

You hear it all the time – “we are in a medical crisis – costs are our of control!”, we need more money, we need better health – its going to explode now!!!!!!!!!

Realty check:
There is no crisis – its all made up.

All this information is public knowledge – search for it and read it – medicare/medicaid – government programs (go figure why they are in trouble) simply pay to much.

Our government pays companies based upon contracts a certain amount per “member” aka patient per month for care – this is in the tune of $1500 – $2000 per month – NO MATTER WHAT THE CARE.

These organizations receiving this money, then pay the doctors at most $90 per member (patient per month) the rest – is profit for the company.

It never trickles down to the doctor.

Hence the ACO thought process – give more back to the doctor

In a nutshell:
Our government is overpaying companies – then declaring we are in a crisis because of over payments.

Medicare wastes taxpayer money. Almost $107 billion in improper payments were paid between 1997 and 2003. In 2002, $13.3 billion was lost to improper payment. In 2010, $47.9 billion was improperly paid (HealthLeaders, 7/29/11). CCHF calculates the 2010 loss at $131 million per day.