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The Expenses of GM and what they have not told us

Our great president now wants to sell GM stock at a cost to US of over 16 billion dollars!!!!!!

are we kiddinghere!! 16billion more for a company that has no right to be in existance! bravo unions another SCREW to us tax payers. Yes we saved a million jobs so?

if it went bankrupt tripple that would have been created as a new company rose from GM’s ashes

this was slipped quietly in a small news article – are we kidding here!

this president is a disgrace! I am tired of paying for unions and thier crap.

lets repeat – NY alone spends 58Billion a year to educate 3million students

that 18 million a year per student – ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!

and they still fail!!

we woudl do better by giving every family a million dollars and calling it a day!


when this folly ends!!!! unions must go!~