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The Doctors Sound of Silence – Insurance increases does not even stir a whisper

The sound of silence from doctors – and you wonder why you have problems? MLMIC, the child of mssny, has announced another 7% raise on your insurance premiums – that’s an average of $10,000 per doctor! This raise comes right after we hear reports of how payouts are flat and claims have actually decreased. Hence, by default and any common business sense, MILMIC has made more money – so why the increase? We all know like the oil industry, that once 1 company raises the others will follow suit!

Where are the doctors outcry? I don’t hear you! No one hears you!

This means you can afford this increase – this means all the crying and complaining you do in private – you know where you all get together, pat yourselves on the back, have free dinners and complain – YET when you need to be heard most – you are quiet.

Hence you allow yourselves to be sheeple – you allow yourselves to be taken advantage of! You allow yourselves to become government employees  – being told how much you can make and that you are responsible for me – the patient – from my cradle to my grave!


Yes I will sue you for my child not getting into Harvard after 18 years because you used those instruments of medieval torture to wrench my child from my womb and when he got stuck you grabbed the nearest shop vac and sucked his head until his brain was squashed against his skull – you doctors have caused my child to not be smart enough to get into Harvard – I want my millions! And I will get it! My lawyer will make this argument and tell the jury of MY pears how a bad doctor you are and how you have such terrible notes and never cared for me –  never called me at home to see if I am ok – during the night – never sent car service to my home when I missed the appointment – yes you – Dr. Evil you must pay –  and you will – and you will continue to complain in private – what’s wrong with you?

Get out there – make your case heard! We as patients and the public believe the lawyers and government that the quality of care you are giving us is inadequate and they must create a new system to control you. We believe in the crisis! We believe you order to many tests! We believe the insurance companies when they say they are paying for your misdeeds and horrible care. We believe what we hear and are told. For years you have been quiet! Why? Because you were satisfied – you complain a little and the insurance contracts give u a small “bone” and you walk away sated – yet you are now becoming government workers – in 3 years no private practice will be tolerated! You will be told how much you can make! Nurses will be your master! And I the patient will be able to rate you on social media and the government’s anonymous rating system. I will poorly rate you and penalize you. My expectations, however unrealistic, are what I want and what I deserve I want the outcome that I want not the realty you give.

Hence you have allowed the government and the insurance companies to insert their realty in the public’s heads and you are suffering for it.  No my good doctors you hide in the confines of your practice and poke your head out only when you hear FREE DINNER. You Sit definitely on boards believing you can run businesses, you declare that you will not deliver babies anymore because you are sued too often frivolously – you scream about tort reform YET you continue to elect the people that get paid by the lawyers and appose it! And when we ask you to goto Albany, when we ask you to protest – what do you do? You declare we are doctors! we can’t leave our practice! We don’t know! We are not that business smart!

You cannot have it both ways! And you are paying the price for it! Reduced reimbursements – contracts that make millions for the contractors but little for you – Having to bill 300 times the value to only get 80% of it if you are lucky! Guess what? You deserve it! You don’t stand up for yourselves – WHY?

When are you going to put on you lab coats and scream “we are not going to take it anymore” Where is MSSNY crying foul at their poster child? Where are the emails and letters denouncing these unfair increases? Where are the lecturers about how to combat them? MSSNY gave birth to MILMIC. They cared for it, nurtured it, delivered it into the world and then released it to do its dirty dead’s and now, like a good parent,  they protect it!

How much does mssny get back from them in payments for “advertising”? Yes my unpractical practitioners, MSSNY receives a large sum of money from their child every year – do you really think they will jeopardize this for you? No – they will protect it – because money truly does corrupt.

So I task you to ask your MSSNY and other institutions and academies and colleges – WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? WHERE IS THE SUPPORT? WHERE IS THE HELP  – Where is the voice?  We pay your dues – we expect deliverables- we need guidance! Why have you abandoned us! Why have you led us into the darkness!  You have forsaken us!

Have them answer the hard questions – have the boards come forth and explain themselves in public – Have them show you the monies they receive – HAVE THEM EXPLAIN AND ACCOUNT FOR THEMSELVES AND WHY THEY HAVE NOT STOOD UP FOR YOU.

And you my doctor – my giver of health – my savior, when I am ill – yes when I am in desperate need, I pray for my god to give you the skills needed to heal me – I believe in you  – I trust you – I want you on that pedestal – I want my Marcus Welby!

But alas, you have failed us – and yourselves. You have allowed your profession to be denigrated – consumed by the fires of neglect, overtaken by the legalization of laziness and no-fault, allowed lawyers to run your profession – allowed lawyers to misrepresent medicine and tempt us patients with the fruits of monetary victory. For your insurance carriers do not have the fortitude to fight for you – why should they? you have proven you will always pay any increase they give.

So – as the fee for services are gone, as your years of study and student loans have piled up, as your responsibilities have increased, as your practice has dwindled, as the government has taken over, as the insurance companies have taken your money and as we the patient has lost respect – for you are now a commodity, as your reimbursements have decreased and now as obama care has taken effect – you still are silent!

– All the people stood and frowned, when they were sick your practice could not be found
– What happened to my physician?
– I need them but no one is listening!
– Oh no  – I must now goto a clin – ic –  I am so sick – here I go…….
– In the clinic you are found – there you are – in your white gown
– Not looking happy  – why do you frown? – I am sick and i need you now
– But alas I cannot see you – my insurance does not cover you – What to Do….
– I guess I have to see a nurse – this is what you have done – its now my curse!
– But you did it to yourselves – you allowed your profession to be burnt down
– And when you look over the ashes of when you were happy – then you will see
– That you should have risen up – what a schmuck!
– For in your misguided defiance – all you gave yourselves was……………………………..