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The 16oz Drink Debacle – I will have 2 large fries, tripple patty burger and a SMALL DIET COKE!

Mayor Bloomberg is pushing to ban any drink over 16 oz because we are fat and don’t know any better.It seems is philosophy is the same as our presidents, “The government knows better – they know how healthy we should be” They will control our weight, they will control our health, they will the foods we eat – THIS IS NOT A TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My question to the mayor in banning large drinks is that if he truly believes we are fat and need the government to manage our food intake and change or behavior for our “better good”, then why is Shake Shack allowed to keep its doors open?

I am not attacking Shake Shack, McDonalds or any other food establishment. I firmly believe its MY choice and in what I choose to eat and which establishment i choose to spend my money in.

However based upon the Mayors theory, these establishments do more harm than our 32 ounce drink. Shake Shack and Mcdonalds and Burger King etc… server thousands of people a day¬† – just look at their calorie count for an average hamburger, fries and drink meal – and we think a smaller drink is going to help? Its akin to ordering large fries, a hamburger, chicken nuggets and a diet drink – meaningless.

Whats the average calorie count of a Sake Shake meal for the average person? 1000, 1500, 2000 calories? Hence the mayors attack on large drinks is selective – how much in taxes do these restaurants pay the city? and you think it was about your health?

Whats next dictating how large the portion size will be allowed in restaurants (hmm i believe they already dictate salt), the size of a hamburger? size of fries? Or will be issued a Food Intake Card – where we will have to swipe it at every restaurant we visit and if we visit some more than once a day, sorry you cannot be served.

Do you think this is far off? Obama care is already going ot penalize you if you do not “conform” to the health status the government sets -how far of a leap is this? Don’t forget, we WILL need a national health ID card for the socialized insurance to work – ………….

National ID card, meal card, restriction card, penalize me card… its coming.
Perhaps White Castle with their small burgers always had the right idea!

Mayor Bloomberg cannot be selective in his”idea” of helping us be healthy – if he is truly want to promote health, than he has to “control” all food establishments and ALL stores that sell food.Remember we can still goto a food store and purchase a 64oz bottle of soda

Wait a moment – the government does not have to ban sizes of food items – all they need to do is tax us on anything over a certain size! They do it now with our cars and houses – its called a “gas guzzler tax” and a “mansion tax” Remember in a previous post, that they are thinking of charging extra to register your car based upon its weight – its coming!

So we will be taxed into good health!
Welcome to Obama care!