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The 16oz drink debacle – a hidden tax

The mayor of NY and his vendetta against our right to drink what we want and how much touts that he is not limiting what or how much we can drink only giving us a choice?

A choice? I though a choice includes options? You are taking away an option – so how is this a choice?
Also, you state you are not limiting how much we can drink – really?

The cost of a 32oz drink or anything larger than a 16oz is MUCH less than the cost of 2 16oz drinks – hence you have INCREASED MY COST of MY DECISION – HENCE YOU HAVE TAXED ME!

What happens if i want a 20oz drink? not a 32oz drink? do i have to purchase 2 16oz drinks at an increased price and discard the remaining10 oz?

this is not a choice this is a hidden tax and a government trying to tell us how to live

it must stop!