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Teachers Union Fails Again – Their Charter Schools are Closing!

And again our wonderful overpriced teachers union has failed us. Continuous failures – zero success. Of course they will demand more money for their ignorance – that’s how the game is played.

How much money is wasted on them? How much ever really does any good? More and More and More – for less and less and less.

When this folly ends! – Who has the testicles to stand up against this insanity?

UFT Charter School in danger of closing after being slapped with ‘D’ rating on report card

Just eight of East New York school’s 82 eighth-graders passed state reading exam


Tuesday, October 9, 2012, 10:52 PM

 	The UFT school opened to fanfare, but its intermediate branch is now in danger of closing.

John Tracy for New York Daily News

The UFT Charter School in East New York opened fanfare in 2005, but its intermediate branch is now in danger of closing.

The city teachers union stunned the education world in 2005 when it opened its own charter school to prove to everyone that the union contract was not the reason New York schools were failing.

But seven years later, that mission is a bust and the UFT Charter School is in danger of closing.

Just eight out of the school’s 82 eighth-graders passed the state reading exam this year and the East New York school was slapped with a “D” on high-stakes report cards issued last week.

The State University of New York last month ranked the school last among charters that are up for renewal next year, suggesting that its future is in doubt.

“Charter schools committed to getting students to succeed — and if they don’t, they close,” said James Merriman, chief executive officer at the New York City Charter School Center, which advocates for charters.

Charter schools are given the latitude to operate outside the confining rules of district schools, including the union contract, but they are required to meet a high bar to continue operating.

The SUNY charter institute, which will decide the school’s fate, said the process of reviewing the school has just begun and no formal recommendations will be made until February.

The news about the UFT school is an embarrassing blow to the teachers union, which opened the school with great fanfare.

“Our schools will show real, quantifiable student achievement and with those results, finally dispel the misguided and simplistic notion that the union contract is an impediment to success,” said then-union president Randi Weingarten in 2005.

Weingarten, now president of the national American Federation of Teachers, downplayed her role in the school’s failings.

“I have not been involved in a couple of years,” she said Monday. “There’s a really good team in place — including a great board and management team, engaged parents, fantastic teachers and hardworking students. And I’m rooting for them to succeed.”

UFT Charter School executive director Sheila Evans-Tranumn defended the school, saying improvement is under way.

Among parents, the school still has its supporters, who say it has provided a safe and successful setting for their kids.

“I think it would be real bad to close it. I don’t think that’s right at all,” said Margaret Williams, 72, whose foster sons, ninth-grader John Prize, 14, and 10th-grader Free Dortch, 15, attend the school.article-1.1178872#ixzz28v03Nbze