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Stop and frisk ends – shootings rise

Today, 4 shot by a drive by bike shooting in Brownsville NY

No one has made the connection? Stop and frisk has been scaled back/suspended and shootings on the rise – everyday we hear about a new shooting.

The equation is simple – stop and frisk – reduced shootings. Reduced stop and frisk increased shootings.

Yes we know who these people are, the politicians know, the people in the neighborhoods know – so why don’t they do something?

Simple – no one wants to solve the problem because it would bring to lite that specific people, specific ethnic groups in specific neighborhoods are the cause.

So the questions to be answered:
1. why do not these people cry out and help themselves?
2. why do not the politicians call it as it is and solve the problem?
3. where is al sharpton? Oh I forgot its not racial so its irrelevant to him?
4. why don’t we fix the problem – the breakdown of the family unit?