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Scandle in our government – The coverup

Deny and project, Protect their own, Defend themselves against the people they represent, deny the truth, tell the truth as a LAST option – our governments policy.
Seems this president is engendering corruption and coverup at every level.
Now dont get me wrong, every government has corruption and problems hence why we have a constitution, laws and the power to vote. Revolution historically comes about when government “pushes” the corruption envelope to far.

Our governor attacks Vito Lopez because he is low level and easy – but ignores Sheldon Silver – why? How bout we get our $150,000 from silver. The money he used to p[ay off prostitutes for his friends protection.

They all have to go. Be3leive nothing they say – its all smoke and mirrors – Cuomo, like his father, is not out for you/us.

When this folly ends…………..