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Rise of Socialism

So lets see what they took:
Our SALT on foods
Our large drinks
Our sugar
Our insurance
Our doctors
Our cigarettes
Our baby formula
Our businesses – because we did not do it alone
Our money
Our cell phones in the car
Our testing of prostate cancer testing– too expensive for them so its not good
Our breast exam testing – too expensive for them
Our choice of cars – gas guzzler tax – when billions of our money have been wasted on “alternatives”
Nurses are doctors
Were fat
Were stupid
We don’t know better
They are coming for you guns
They are installing cameras to give you tickets
They are watching

I predict……..
they will penalize you if you are fat
they will penalize you if you smoke
they will penalize you if you don’t exercise
they will penalize you if you are not the “ideal healthy” human they want you to be
They will distort “see something – say something” to have you report thy neighbor – can you say animal farm?
they will take your liquor
they will stop you from txting and walking
They will limit the size of portions in restaurants
They will tell you what type of movies you can see and what type will be made
If Obama care works ONLY as a tax what else will not?

Remember – they already penalize our hard work and effort
They will come for you – history repeats itself – I suggest we all read and learn about it BEFORE they rewrite the past

The inevitable destructive creep of socialism –