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Report today – US wasted 750 Billion on healthcare in 2009

ok – I wish someone would show us exactly what is being wasted and on whom.

% on American citizens
% on illegal aliens

Show us exactly why we are wasting this much money.

Being in the healthcare industry for 25 years working closely with doctors in implementing their IT systems, i have asked this question for years and no one can answer it definitively.

Answers from overtesting, bad outcomes, the old, the illegals, tort reform etc.. have all been put forth as the defining answer. However in realty no one knows the answer.


The MRT report in my previous post clearly stated local hospitals are ripe with theft – plain and simple – billions of dollars worth. Other reports clearly state the government pays to much for services o the “big” payers that doctors must negotiate with to get a small stipend of.

Hence, the perceived waste and healthcare problem, in my humble opinion and after years of research, really does not exist. If we clean up the hospitals, “fix”the unions, pay doctors properly and have proper tort reform and have doctors who are sued be tried by a jury of physicians – their real peers & teach doctors to better diagnose to reduce tests, these and other business changes will alleviate this so called “crisis” without descending into socialism.