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Prism data-surveillance scandal – Georghe Orwells 1984

[preamble]Read the book 1984. When a government records, monitors and collects ALL information public, private and abroad, they can use it to strike against anyone they choose. Information is key and can be manipulated into anything your goals are. In Maryland our government is building a massive data store facility for the sole purpose of collecting, storing and analyzing our phone calls, emails and txt’s – its akin to them copying all our physical mail and reading it. Facebook, twitter & GOOGLE were the start – allowing us to get comfortable with an by and all information we post on line to be stored and analyzed. The difference here is that we CHOOSE to post on Facebook and twitter. Did not GOOGLE get into trouble for storing data without our knowledge?

NO more court orders to phone tap, no more legal barriers to obtain personal information – no more restrictions, no more constitution – all in the name of national security. Oh every nation that ever succumbed to communism has began with the same words “in the name of national security”, Our president said it “the war on terror is over – all wars must come to an end – now we must focus on domestic terrorism and radicalization” Translation: I will monitor everyone in this country and deem them a threat if they do not agree with my policies. Think its far fetched? Than research the IRS debacle – our presidents Secret Service to attack Americans.