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Patient Reporting System – Physicians Will Be Sued Into Submission.

The governments new patient reporting system being imposed by Obama care reads like a Jacoby & Mayers Commercial. Tell us your problem and we will get your money!

“A draft questionnaire asks patients to “tell us the name and address of the doctor, nurse or other health care provider involved in the mistake. Have you recently experienced a medical mistake? Do you have concerns about the safety of your health care?” And it urges patients to contact a new “consumer reporting system for patient safety.”

The government says it will use information submitted by patients to make health care safer. YEA – OK!

“Patients and their families are a potential gold mine of information,” Mr. Hatlie said. “They see things that busy health care workers don’t see. Doctors are in and out. Nurses are in and out. But relatives are there continuously with the patient. They often know how to fix problems that cause errors.”

True meaning: Patients and families are a gold mine – for lawyers! Physicians – you will be sued into submission.

The government now states that it is voluntary to report such occurrences –
True Meaning – each and every patient and family member will be contacted to report on any and all so called “problems” they believe they experienced.

This is not better health care or better patient safety, this is a forum for the lawyers to sue the physicians and hospitals and the government and insurance companies to hold up monies to the doctors and deny them payments.

The writing is on the wall. Can we all be this blind?