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Our Governor finds more fees and fines for us to pay

[preamble]The economy is stalled. Taxes, fines and fees are out of control, there are no jobs, businesses are closing, unemployment is high and corruption is rampant in government can we say sheldon silver?  – and the only thing our governor can come up with is more fines, more oversight and of course more ways to take our money – all in the name of “safety” – aka national security – i cant wait till this becomes a crisis! Now, if he has been attacking this for 3 years, has it done any good? or just another line item of money for the city to collect?

Dear Fellow New Yorker,
In today’s technology-centric world, distracted driving – meaning texting or using a cell phone while driving – has become a dangerous problem on our roads. That is why Governor Cuomo has made tackling this issue a priority.

In 2011, the Governor signed a law that made distracted driving a primary traffic offense, allowing law enforcement to pull someone over solely for texting-while-driving. Within a year, there was a 234% increase in the number of tickets handed out for texting-while-driving in our state.

However, texting-while-driving is still a problem that plagues our roads. Statistics show that from 2005 to 2011, there has been an estimated 143% increase in cell-phone related crashes in New York, and 43% of teenagers admit they regularly text while driving. To combat this risky behavior, Governor Cuomo has taken further steps to strengthen our laws.

Most recently, he signed a new law that creates tough, new penalties for inexperienced drivers with probationary and junior licenses found texting while driving. He also increased the number of points added to a driver’s license to five points for all drivers found using a handheld device while driving. Click here to read more.

Experience has taught us that tough laws combined with effective enforcement can help stop distracted driving, which is why the Governor has directed a major effort by the New York State Police to crack down on distracted driving and catch irresponsible drivers throughout the summer. The State Police will focus on using undercover vehicles designed to catch drivers who text and drive.  Click here to read about the operation.

Yesterday Governor Cuomo was featured on Good Morning America discussing these efforts:

Click here to view the video of the Governor’s ride-along with a State Trooper to stop distracted drivers.

By raising awareness about the dangers of texting-while-driving, we can make our roads safer for all New Yorkers.

The Office of the Governor