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Our failing nation

Been a while since last thought. So lets see where we are today

1. Federal government exercises military might against citizens in Arizona and calls them “domestic terrorists” – scary enough – once Americans are generically labeled terrorists our rights become disabled – patriotic act. Whilst the rancher In Arizona may not have had the law on his side, he has the right to protest peacefully – for the federal government to go in armed with snipers is simple too dangerous for a FREE country

2. DeBlazio of NY – you know the socialistic communist, wants to tax, tax and more tax on the rich – income equality – equality for all – no need for achievement – lets be like CUBA or CHINA where we are all the same.

3. Obama – what can we say! He exercised more military might against that Arizona Rancher than Against Putin – its great to see that both whites and blacks can be crappy presidents – equality for all at the highest levels.

4. Al Sharpton – hangin with his boyz in Washington – need more be said?

5. Health care – massive deductible’s, high premiums – loss of the single physician to BIG hospitals where the cost of care is massive – Another Obama mishap

6. $15 wages for McDonald and Walmart workers because NOW these companies cost the government money as their employees have to be on welfare because of the minimum wage they pay – again using these false terms opens the door for regulation.

7. and it seems we all are racists if we don’t agree with the president – once this term is used, all meaningful discussion ends.

8. NYC wishes to keep itself afloat by fining its citizens to death