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Obesity is now a disease – soon hair color and dress will be also

obesity is not a disease – yes doctors will argue this point – but as usual they miss the overall picture. Obesity is a state created disease just like the health care “crisis”. This new disease only gives the state more control over our lives. Portion control, size of our drinks, salt in our foods. Have you ever looked in a grocery store lately? You are hard pressed to find regular milk – everything is low fat, low this, no that, same with soda and everything else. YET our mayor of our great city ALLOWS shake shack to exist – 3000 calories a meal of pure unadulterated fat and cholesterol. I wonder how much money they put into the city’s coffers?

I pay for my health insurance, I expect to be taken care of if i am sick. I paid for a service and want the benefits of that service or give me my money back each year when i dont use it. Doctors are so single single minded and provincial in their thinking, they continue to allow this to go on. “obesity is a problem – “you know what happens to fat people… Diabetes is deadly…. the complications of being diabetic and fat ” bla bla bla – I have an idea – do your job, take care of me and give me recommendations. If you say i am too fat, diabetic or whatever and i CHOOSE not to listen to you – you can choose not to have me as a patient, choose to have me sign a waiver that i am not listening and i cant sue you or you can just do what you do – take care of me. I PAID FOR MY SERVICES – I EXPECT THEM DELIVERED TO ME 100%. If you want me to be healthy to save YOU money – sorry – not going to happen unless you charge me less for my insurance.

If i eat right, exercise, maintain my cholesterol – what do i get? Lower rates? Better service? What do i get? – the answer is nothing – my rates will still increase.

You told me seat belts will save my life – no decrease in my premiums
You told me not to txt and drive its dangerous – no decrease in my premiums
You told me to conserve water – no decrease in my eater bill only increases
You told me to conserve electricity – no decrease in my billĀ  – you raised rates
You tell me to drive less to save gas – no decrease in gas prices
You tell me to recycle – yet you don’t demand we switch to glass bottles instead of plastic – wonder who is lining your pockets?

no matter what we do, you continue to increase our taxes –

The other day i purchased ice cream – butter pecan – paid $7.99. It tasted like iced water with milk. no butter, maybe 3 pecans in a 1/2 gallon. Basically i overpaid for a horrible product – low and behold upon reading the tiny ingredients, its not made with butter or cream but low fat milk and substitutes. hmmm – i paid for REAL ice cream – it was not prominent on the packaging at all that this was not ice cream at all – hence, the trend continues – our governments “tell” us what to do and yet we are continued to be charged higher and higher prices for fake foods and other items.
I cant wait to see how “affordable” this obama care really will be. And if its not affordable? what than? This entire shift towards more and more control over what we do is not appealing – but terrifying. We are accepting the slow creep of socialism and total control – we dont even realize it. Its time you read Animal Farm – “When this folly ends”