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Obama “plan” to increase jobs is to increase government employees!

Obama plan for job growth –  increase the size of government!

So our brilliant president’s plan for our once great nation is to increase the size of our already bloated, inefficient, spend my money government.

Did you KNOW the IRS is hiring! Obama care aka “Enormous national TAX” needs more people to audit, check on and penalize the bad Americans that do not pay into it.

The inevitable creep of socialism, historically, its not made up, read your history-

Governments establish more and more control over our everyday lives
Governments begin control over basic seemingly simple thing under the guise of “public good and safety”
Government increases national debt to lower value of country
Government increases taxes
Government begin slow attack of “the rich” and begins the whisper of class warfare
Government begins slow attack on businesses by burdening them with taxes & regulations
Government weakens national dollar
Government rewards failure
Government rewards and supports entitlement concept and targets specific classes of people that support it
Government increase size of compliance system aka – IRS etc..
Government begins distributing wealth

Does it sound familiar?
Its not conspiratorial – its happening
step back – read history, learn and then apply it to your America Today
You be the judge – I hope you judge correctly for the sake of all!