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Obama-Gate: our country against thee

Obama-Gate – using the IRS to attack and destroy his political adversaries. Interesting how the papers are not screaming about it more. Will we let this rogue president get away with it? Possibly – he has done a good job of watering down our Constitution and what makes us great – same as he has done for Benghazi – you remember – it was because of the video not terrorists. Its like a bad joke – we cant make this up – Obama, Clinton and the entire white house were telling us that its because of a video and its all ok – meanwhile our ambassadors and Americans were SCREAMING for help in the background – their cries fell on deaf ears and they lost their lives. That is the truth of the matter. Our president and his staff shut off their TV and went to bed whilst Americans were under attack and died – that is treason and conduct un-becoming a president and an administration – or can it be considered worse?

Of course they all deny it – it seems this president has made it more popular to NOT tell the truth¬† – it seems to be the last thing that we ever hear and when confronted with the lies, he simple says – “i heard it on the tv”. There really is not more to say about this¬† – what other words can be used to describe the “new” government that we elected. Thats the real problem “we – the people” elected this. Its now time to remove it.

When this folly ends.