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Obama-Gate Continues

President Obama in his latest attempt at a cover up continues to deny and project realty. He had the current IRS head resign today – a step toward reform he says – really? Hmmm this person’s tenure with the IRS ends next week and he was NOT in charge when this happened – hence its a distraction, a faint move by our president to try to show he is “doping something” when in fact he is protecting himself.

The true facts:
The person in charge of the IRS when this was taking place has been given a promotion! Yes you heard it a promotion. Guess what kind of promotion? She is now in charge of the IRS Obama care division Рwow! So we have a political presidential crony that trumps our constitution and turns our government against its own people in charge of the biggest debacle in American history with enough power to destroy each and every person in America.

This same person was directly involved with, knew about, ordered its execution and was directed to turn the dogs of her organization the IRS against Americans for policital gain.

Fact: Last year before the election, numerous senators wrote to the IRS stating there are unfair practices going on in the agency against specific political groups that appose the president.
Fact: These warnings were ignored
Fact: The president was fully aware and probably quietly directed this to happen

I don’t believe in such coincidences. I don’t believe he was unaware of this and the Benghazi issue that magically occurred during his election campaign.

Blaming low level people on doing this on their own?


When this folly ends….
Be afraid – be VERY Afraid
Obama-gate is just the tip!