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Obama Care – The Working Failure!

Obama care – the web site, the cancellations, the lies, the push to single payer big government, the constant denying that its a failure and expensive – the new “health care is a right” mantra.

All the arguing, all the videos showing the lies, all the words and papers showing the deception – means nothing.
Its the law – as we are always told – this is the grand plan – once its law, it has to be – hence we are all forced into it – by design – by default – as intended.

We have succumbed to socialism. Hence why Obama never apologizes, hence why he never has to be accountable, hence why his supporters never answer to the lies, hence why they never will – he has brilliantly stacked the government deck in his hand to shove this down our throats – he has won and we let him. You were warned!

Now Deblasio in NY – wait till this communist gets into power – be even more afraid!

I hope this folly ends……………