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Obama Care – Just More Trickle Down Charges

Today — Just Announced

Pappa John’s Pizza WILL raise prices on their product to pay for Obama care and possibly reduce their workforce. I am sure almost every other retail business is thinking to do the same.

Who did you think was going to pay for this? Did you thinkĀ  businesses, straddled with this extra tax, was just going to sing “Kumbaya”, and not raise prices and reduce staff? Remember technology allows us, businesses, to run pretty damn good with less staff. Do you really think the economy is going to get better tomorrow? Its at least 3-4 years before any meaningful recovery takes effect – unless obama gets re-elected then all bets are off, hence companies will continue to make due with less employees to maintain some profit and to now pay all these extra taxes imposed for hiring employees.

Companies are defined as the mom-pop operations that are the heartbeat of America – not GM etc… look it up and you will see that small business make up over 70% of the workforce – the ones that are taxed into oblivion, penalized for making a profit, forced to pay for mediocrity & and now straddled with a tax for people that basically cant afford anything – and did i mention we did not do it alone?