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Obama Care Begining to Rape and Pillage Physicians

[preamble]Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield is notifying physicians that in order to comply with Obama care and reduce medical spending by trillions of dollars, they will be reducing reimbursements to doctors by 2%.

So in 1 swoop, doctors are forced to take less money without any reduction in services, liability and reduction in their malpractice insurance.

The death calling of doctors has been sounded – can you hear them scream? NOOOOOOOOOO. Again they take it like the sheeple they are.

Is Empire and the others reducing our insurance premiums?
by 2%? NO
by 1% NO
by 10 cents NO – Instead they will be raising rates.
Ok physicians here is 2% reduction in your salary – are you angry yet cause it just begun!

Lets see if sequestration is avoided and we are spared this debacle.

when this folly ends!