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NYC Passes Redesign of Firefighter Entry Test

Here we go again! A standard test has now become racist. Why? Because our society believes all people should have anything they want no matter what -if they are not smart enough – so what! If they are not strong enough – so what! This lowering of standards for minorities to gain access to a system that protects me is wrong.

How can the test be racist? Does it ask how high you can jump? What color you are? What race you are? No! Its a standard test designed to weed out the lower performing people! Hence its a test designed to only allow the best of the best in our fire departments!

However, some individuals screamed racism and unfairness and we all jump! How High! – I though white men can’t jump? So now we will spend millions of dollars and years of research designing a test that allows people of lesser aptitude and physical prowess to be on our fire departments – meaning? Our fire force will be diminished and my life and yours will be in jeopardy!

Lowering standards i a provincial short term appeasement that has major long term ramifications. Once we allow people into positions that are clearly not as qualified or in cases not qualified at all to fill “quotas” and yes this is a quota system – over time as our force dilutes, we will then see poorer performance an more errors – and when we the sheeple complain, we will be told we are not providing enough training to the new underachieving force – hence we need more money – or our training is not culturally competent hence they are not learning properly.

We expect the best of the best from our police and fire department – we should not accept or allow mediocrity into any system that our tax dollars pay!
Come back to this article in 2 years – I has happened before with the police force – its happening now with our schools – the ACLU wants the tests easier or not used at all – hence we will be graduating idiots – and of course the unions will be screaming for more money .

By Courthouse News, Mon, October 01, 2012

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (CN) – A federal judge approved new entry tests on Friday to redress discrimination against aspiring minority firefighters who have been excluded for decades from joining the Fire Department of New York.

Nearly one year ago, U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufus wrote a scorching opinion ordering reforms to end the “stubborn bastion of white male privilege” in the FDNY.

The ruling forced the city to redesign its entrance exams, encourage minorities to apply through ad campaigns and pay up to $128 million in damages to black and Latino applications that failed tests deemed to be discriminatory.

Meanwhile, New York City lawyers claimed progress on Friday night, as the court approved the 2012 fire exam.

More than 41,000 candidates took the test this March and April.

A study of the test found “no statistically significant difference between the rates of white and minority candidates being ranked at 97 or above,” according to the order approving the test.     Roughly 46 percent of the test-takers were people of color, Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano said.

“We’re pleased that we can now begin hiring to fill the more than 650 current vacancies in the firefighter ranks,” he added.

Judge Garaufis tempered his previously harsh criticism with praise for the city’s progress.

“The court notes that this exam and resulting list are the product of a city-led, collaborative effort to improve on the city’s past record of non-compliance with Title VII,” he wrote. “While the court appreciates each party’s contribution to this effort, it is most grateful for the pro bono efforts of Special Master Mary Jo White and her colleagues at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, including her law partner Mary Beth Hogan and her associates Philip A. Fortino and Chinelo E. Dike-Minor. Their work in supervising this effort has been tireless and thorough.”

But the new exam “does not end this case,” he added.

He directed a new court monitor, Mark Cohen, to guide the creation and implementation of the post-examination process on Friday.