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NY Mayor removing elevators from buildings for our own health!

Just kidding about removing elevators but i bet he will limit elevator usage in the effort to make us all healthy!

Boy scouts say fat kids cant play with them

Our president is changing the constitution because it does not make sense to him

Gas prices increasing despite us using less gas – who is making money on this?

Blacks still mad about legal verdict

Sheldon Silver still in power – great job Cuomo remember what you said “i will throw them in jail..anyone that breaks the law” jada jada jada

911 – bad for unions -lets spend several billion more to break it again

Donuts declared illegal! Twinkies are on the rise – devil dogs angry with the resurgence of Twinkies and have started a class action suit against the ingredients manufacturers.

Downed Korean flight lawyers suing plane manufacturers of toilet seat – seems it was unable to contain the explosive feces of a large Korean person that ruptured the tank causing the crash – someone has to pay – someone is to blame – someone is at fault.

Politician pissed when she called 911 – t too 30 minutes to respond – feels they disgraced her – now had vendetta against system and mayor – its the new “crisis” people will die!

Commissioner Kelley going for homeland security adviser – red light green light 1 -2 – 3
he will never make it there president wants pansies and followers not leaders that can easily usurp is dribble.

Obama care to save millions of dollars in health costs at a cost of trillions of dollars of tax payer money – only in Washington would they consider this a victory.