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No more IRS scandal?

Guess we all forgot about the IRS scandal. Now we hear our president wants to be like Trevan martin – a thug. Al Sharpton still causing problems YET has not addressed the other days shooting of 5 blacks by a black.

Lets see what else we can think about….. ah a Obama care Advocate got on the radio and decided to quickly state that “we all have to have insurance” she repeated this multiple times very low and fast – than said MY/Our health insurance will be about $300-$700 a month. Hmmm is that affordable? We have the same people in power, same procedures in place and now we toss in a trillion dollars more a month for all the same failures. I guess it will be like our auto insurance – we HAVE to have it to drive – yet, my rates have always – always always gone up – 30 years no accidents, no claims – 1 seat belt ticket – that is on my license for what 15 years – you know ANY reason to raise insurance.

I refuse to pay any tax or penalty for a product i do not want – period. I will put all my employees on part time and i will release one at a time as my fees increase.