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Mr Bloomberg – please tell the queens library to remove those vending machines!

Queens library installs vending machine serving soda and candy and makes money! HOORAY! They have found a way to start a business!

But wait, our mayor has a vendetta against junk food! Whilst he is pontificating about how fat we are and how we eat wrong and how sick we are, he has started a war on fat! He is pulling junk foods from everywhere! Hospitals are a start! MY GOD – i need my soda!

But – he is not attacking shake shack where each meal is 5 billion calories (pun)! Double standard! If you make money for the city – you can serve junk!Oh wait – someone did call them and now they will put more healthy food in the machine – guess what? They will lose money – prediction – more healthy food – less income because WE DON’T WANT IT!

So mr mayor – will you call this queens library and punish them for making me fat?

Queens Library installs snack and soda vending machines

Friday, June 15, 2012

A cash-strapped Queens library has found an unusual way to raise revenue: selling soda, chips and candy.

The Queens Library recently installed two vending machines stocked with unhealthy snacks near the entrance of its Long Island City branch.

But after calls from the Daily News, library President Thomas Galante reached out to Sterling Vending on Thursday and requested that more nutritious items be included.

“The library always supports the healthiest eating habits and supports the health and well-being of the community,” said library spokeswoman Joanne King.