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Meaningful Use Audits – You Bette Be Prepared

And you though it was easy? Just attest by stating “yes” – The government has put shackles on you physicians and now they are going to squeeze them closed and tight – you can only blame yourselves. Nothing is innocus, nothign is by chance.[backtopost]

The Pennsylvania Medical Society has been contacted by member practices who are currently going through a Medicare Meaningful Use audit by Figliozzi and Company.  There have been some issues brought to our attention and we would like to see if any other practices have been experiencing this.

 First, any measure that was attested to with a “yes or no” answer must be corroborated with a screen print as supporting documentation confirming that your system did or did not complete the measure.  However, the screen print MUST have the EHR company logo printed somewhere on the document or it will not be accepted.  Secondly, the Security/Risk Analysis, the practice must provide an actual security risk analysis that was conducted including who conducted the test (i.e., IT Vendor) date of the test, time of the test and the result of the test in report format.  A check list is not enough and will NOT suffice or be accepted.  From what we understand this risk analysis report must have been done on each computer within the practice.