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Long Island College Hospital SHOULD Close – I Propose an Experiment.

[preamble]I propose an experiment – Lets close LICH for 90 days. Ltes monitor the area to find out if people are sicker, in peril or will effect the areas healthcare – simple close the hospital for 90 days, sit back and watch.

Remember Coney Island Hospital has been closed since Sandy – and nothing has happened!

I will guarantee nothing will happen if we close LICH – as the article says the ONLY people happy with it staying open are the unions – have we not wasted enough money on Unions? They are the single most destructive, corrosive entity that is truly destroying our health systems with hospitals. They waste money – our money.

So I challenge all the pundits and naysayers and screamers of doom – close the hospital for 90 days or 120 days – continue to pay everyone for that time  – and watch. Nothing will happen the sun will rise and the sun will set.

We the people are far more resilient than we are told we are. We adapt, we overcome and we thrive. The hospital is a money loser  – end of story and the ONLY way to save it is to have a bailout again OF OUR MONEY! How much more do we have to spend? How many more times do we bailout failing entities? How much more do we have to cowtow to the unions? Why should we continue to pay for failed administrators? poor businessman? failed policies? Why? Remember we are in a CRISIS people! Thats all I keep hearing – we are spending all our money we need Obama care! lalalala blah blah blah

Yet not one person has the testicles to do what is needed to fix it – get rid of the waste, get rid of the unions, get rid of the inertia, get rid of the “its always been done that way” mentality.  Its time for a change!

So again  – close the hospital for 90 days and watch – you will hear the “sound of silence” and the world will not end. Its simple, cost effective and not one person can state for a fact that it will not work. Care will not decline and the population will not be in peril. – Who has the balls to do what is right?[backtopost]

Long Island College Hospital faces threat of closing, SUNY official Carl McCall warns
SUNY Downstate Medical Center facility is money loser Long Island College Hospital faces possible closing by the state, the Daily News has learned.

State University of New York trustees have discussed shutting down money-losing LICH — and may vote soon on whether to do so, a spokesman for SUNY chairman Carl McCall told The News.

The recommendation to close the 150-year-old Cobble Hill hospital – now part of SUNY Downstate Medical Center – came straight from top Downstate management, said McCall’s spokesman David Doyle.

“The board may vote in the near future on endorsing this course of action as part of a fiscally responsible plan to ensure medical education and quality healthcare continues for the people of Brooklyn,” Doyle said.

East Flatbush-based Downstate is suffering massive money losses partly caused by its 2011 purchase of LICH, a scathing audit by state Controller Thomas DiNapoli’s office revealed last week.

McCall spoke of two other options for battling Downstate’s financial problems besides closing LICH and selling off its real estate, sources said – either using state money to bankroll a financial restructuring of SUNY Downstate, or partnering with other Brooklyn hospitals to provide some services.

A plan to close Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn is being withdrawn, state officials said on Friday, in a startling victory for doctors, unions and community members who said the closing of the hospital would compromise health care for residents in the area.

But the reversal may be only a reprieve unless the state agrees to bail out the hospital or a new operator can be found.

“I think what is going to be happening is that the state is going to be working on a sustainability plan, and that involves a national search for an operator,” said Jill Furillo, executive director of the New York State Nurses Association.