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LICH closes emergency room, its bullying to harass temas when playing ball and my electric bill has a temporary surcharge by the state

Busy morning. Went to get my coffee and overheard a conversation by several people stating how there is no more America. We are replacing the American Flag with an international flag and how the foreigners do not speak our language but receive all the benefits whilst we pay for them.

Paul Dean say the “N” word – NIgger – yes i said it – its a word its derogatory – but the black use it amongst themselves – now it cannot be mentioned. God  forbid (oops sorry) someone might have their feelings hurt. And behold the person that uttered it – racist, devil, scourge of the human race.

Bullying – yes that term used to cover anything we say that MAY hurt someones feelings or disparage them. That term that is now sweeping the nation with lawyers salivating over it to make more money. That term where we now have a crime if we harass another team. You got it! Today NJ, you know the state where there is blind corruption, rampant taxes and crime through the roof, well they deemed it a crime if at a sporting event anyone harassing the other team will be in big trouble. Yes my fellow Americans, in our quest to make everyone feel good, we now have a land of panzies! Soft people that are afraid to look at each other. I cant wait till all sporting events are quiet because we are afraid to say anything. I have an idea, why don’t we end gambling or winning? I mean if a team does not win – they are LOSERS right? Their feelings are hurt – so why not make everyone win!

LICH hospital closed their emergency room – FINALLY. We need to close these redundant hospitals and save money – of course the lawyers and unions making millions would say otherwise.

OH and my electric bill, which magically is going up exponentially per month even though i use less electric, now has a TEMPORARY NY state surcharge of $2.27. Temporary? Surcharge? when did this take place? whats it for? oh yes another hidden tax to pay for ineptitude and poor performance.

We have no incentive to be lean and mean – we want to take care of you from the cradle to the grave – Europe failed on this. We will also – the businessmen will be chastised as the devil – yet we are the ATM machine of the country.

when this folly ends……..