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Just a little bit more…….Again

Once again our presidents mantra “just a little bit more” extends now to our cell phones. You know the bill you get that already has 10 fees on it plus state and local taxes – well our president in his quest to create unsustainable programs want to add $5.00 to your bill every month for 3 years to put high speed internet in all schools.

While it “seems” like a wonderful idea, lets review it. The president wants the tax to extend for 3 years than stop – so he does ot need congresses approval – again he circumnavigates our system to impose fees and levies on the American people. Do we all believe for an instant that after 3 years this fee will go away? let me tell you why. Putting high speed internet in every school costs money to implement and money to maintain for EVER! After the 3 years, who will pay for the ongoing service? If the schools cannot afford it now, what makes us think by giving them a free service for 3 years than taking it away that they can suddenly afford it?

I can just hear the schools screaming that they need assistance aka handouts, bailouts – OUR MONEY – for the good of the children! Tugging the old heart strings as the unions have been doing for years to the tune of billions of wasted dollars, failing schools and dumb students.

Sustainability, growth, lower taxes – all foreign to our current politicians.
How much is “a little more”