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IRS steals 60,000 medical records

Lets say you are a doctor and lose a laptop with your patient files on it – did you know you can be charged $1000 per patient file for breaking HIPPA rules? Did you know you must contact each patient stating their medical data may be compromised? Well you do.

Of course this does not apply to our government. The IRS STOLE 60,000 medical files from individuals. Now what does the IRS need with medical data? Why are not they held accountable for the theft? Are they ignoring or exempt from our rules?

I will tell you what they are doing – they are secretly comiling a lis tof al medical records from every American so they can tell us what procedures we can and cant have and trend our behavior to penalize us.
Wake up people – this is not fantasy – this is realty.

Its happening faster than you are aware yet you are unaware of it.
The inevitable creep of socialism brought about by our president. We can only blame ourselves.
Wait in 15 months all i say will be realty.

Its almost tooo late – MAKE THIS FOLLY END!