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Insurance Co-Ops and how they will damage health care

In hospital review 9/6/12 – an article written by Bob herman explained the insurance Co-Ops scenario. I would like to comment

“In order for CO-OPs to work, Dr. Mohlenbrock believes the right leadership must be in charge, and CO-OPs must use clinical services data to find out which hospitals and physicians are producing the highest-quality care while controlling costs. Those foundational pieces could also help non-profit health insurers serve as viable alternates in the insurance exchanges.”

Can we define “highest quality care” you mean to tell me doctors and hospitals are giving us substandard care? This is the basis of Obama care and these co-ops, “quality care” for 100 years doctors have not given us quality care? Can we DEFINE in detail what this means? What i KNOW it means is that doctors and hospitals MUST reduce the type of care given and opt for the “less expensive” forms of care – thats the only way to control any costs. Or the doctor and hospital and insurance company WILL have to follow us the patients home and demand we comply with their mantra – yes people DEMAND or we will not be insured and the hospital and physician “metrics” will be off and they will lose money

Hence quality care means less services, quicker outpatients and we, the people, being TOLD how healthy we need to be – LISTEN and understand this. Its the hidden agenda.

Its happening – read obama care, look at NYC with the 16oz drink ban, understand what “quality of car” is and care providers and care coordinators – all this means is we will have less and less choices in our lives and lower and lower care.

A lot of people will be forced through the crack to make the “numbers” work for savings and more and more people will never see the expensive doctor and be pushed to clinics – this is already happening as hospitals do this to reduce their patients stay – ITS HAPPENING NOW.

“In addition, the lower administrative costs associated with CO-OPs due to the lack of a health insurer playing as middlemen also lead to savings in premiums. “CO-OPs do tend to have lower administrative costs,” Dr. Hwang says. “And you want to keep administrative costs as low as possible on behalf of the membership. It’s not that different from an integrated health system.”

This ALWAYS works in the beginning, but as the article goes on to say, and historically any business developed, admin costs go up to manage the system – insurance companies do not operate at a loss nor do they operate at a massive spending curve – 15 – 20% is the average admin costs – ANYTHING LESS and people receive less services and less information and less PERSONALIZED service.

The hospitality industry knows this and never deviates or they will lose customers – Would you stay in a hotel that had 1 person doing all the work? nope – you know you will get lousy service no matter how automated the system is. We Want a live person to handle our issues and we want an AMERICAN!

Most co-ops and other new insurance entities will outsource overseas – go figure! Another sucking sound of jobs robbed from our country! and another blow to our economy.

“Dr. Hwang says the medical costs for patients treated by HealthPartners Medical Group are 38 percent below the national average, attributing much of the savings to the CO-OP-like structure.”

– proof please. Show me the numbers, co-ops have NOT been in business long enough to make such a statement – there is no correlative data – please prove this point.

“Dr. Mohlenbrock says the benefits could extend even further in the community by helping employers ratchet down their health premiums. “When you start talking to employers about actually being able to contract with a non-profit insurance company that is run by consumers, physicians and hospitals that have same, identical incentives — improving quality and cost efficiencies — as their company, they’re going to sign on,” Dr. Mohlenbrock says”

– Who say we will sign on? Will you? I wont – and i know hundreds of other businesses that will not either – physicians focus on care? what are they doing now? Am i missing something here? All i want is a better price and i DO NOT WANT TO TELL MY EMPLOYEES HOW TO BE HEALTHY!

“Minuteman will give physicians and members great opportunities: lower administrative costs, easier access to medical records and smart, state-of-the art patient software,” Mr. Beyer says. “It will also reinvest surpluses into reducing premiums or increasing benefits, and it will be like no other plan in Massachusetts. Physicians will be able to focus on care in new and more effective ways, and members will enjoy high-quality care without confusing billing and onerous administrative hurdles.”

– Focus on care in new and effective ways?can this be explained? so doctors are not treating me properly? if so then THEY are the cause of the problems!

All this seems to do is tell us the patients and consumers that the people providing the services we pay for are not giving us value for our money. Physicians are not focusing on our health, hospitals are not giving us quality care. They are the cause of our problems!

Your comments?