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Important notice to employers – Additional payroll tax!

You read it right – the federal government extended unemployment benefits for almost 2.5 years, the state governments ran out of money to pay for these extended benefits – hence we the employees have to pay the interest the state has to pay to the federal government for borrowing the money to pay for the unemployment that the federal government mandated.

The snake eating the tail – our government mandates spending – states cant afford – so they go to the ATM machines – US!!!

BUt as our president says¬† – “just a little more” to the tune of $12.75 per employee – do the math – i have 15 employees – $191.25 per period of $600 a year (approx). Multiply that by millions –

Well – there is no “just a Little more” i cannot raise prices or impose fees on my customers¬† – sop what do we do? Layoff employees – which feeds the unemployment system – which feeds the federal system – which feeds the state system – which US – the feeders and givers again pay.

We cant even break even anymore – i guess we are the rich our president touts about.
Great incentive to expand our businesses no?

When this folly ends…………..