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How to fix the Illegial Alien Problem

Yes they are ILLEGAL – not undocumented

The solution to this problem is extraordinarily simple – as are most complex issues – but alas our government make it complicated.

Lets be realistic, we are not going to deport them – its not going to happen and its not going to work. However, lets change the playing field and wield our capitalistic sword and turn this into a simple matter of business.

Lets define why people come to our country both legally and illegally. They come here because WE ARE BETTER! Period not other answer – America offers them EVERYTHING. America is not a 4th world country where people defecate in the streets, where they live in garbage or where their so called leaders suppress them (lets talk obama later). America has a service that people want and need – its called opportunity! don’t mistake freedom for opportunity – you can be “free” but have no opportunity to better yourselves. People come to this country because they can better themselves, because they can make money.

Now that we defined the reason why these people come here, lets turn it into a business and SOLVE our national debt, illegal’s problem and healthcare pseudo crisis.

In 1 simple act, 1 simple paragraph of a law, 1 simple signature of a pen, we can solve 3 major problems.

The Solution
Charge for the cost of America Highly sought after services – opportunity.
Think of it as a menu of services our country offers with a price tag.

For the opportunity to come here, it will cost you $5000 per family member plus applicable taxes – special discounts apply for more then 3 family members – financing available – auto paycheck deduction required.

Charge them for the right to be here! How many million illegals are there? 5 million, 8 million, 10 million – lets say 10% pay. 10% of 10, 000, 000 that’s 1,000,000 x $5000 – that’s 5 billion dollars or 250,000,000 per state – Problem solvedĀ  – and they have to pay taxes.

If businesses hire illegal’s they have to pay the $5000 per employee.

How do you shut the borders? Realistically you cant – but you can empower the border states to police themselves and provide funding for them to track, arrest and deport the illegals OR make them pay. If you are a criminal – off you go, if you are a worker – $5000 per family member please and you have to pay taxes – welcome to the US!

The right to be a US citizen – what is it? You pay a fee for the privilege of reciting the pledge of allegiance – all I have done is modified the current model.