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Higher Government “Fees” – Politicians Don’t Call Them Taxes

As a business person, I try to keep my prices as reasonable as possible for my customers to continue to purchase and for me to make a small profit (“small” will be discussed in a later post)
Under this administration, my business has been “blessed” with ever increasing costs of Doing Business.Hence, my “fair share” has become my unfair burden with me spending almost 65% of every dollar i make for some tax or fee imposed on me. These blessings have increased my cost of goods as the trickle down economics eventually reaches us all. As my suppliers, their suppliers and their suppliers become burdened with the higher costs, they invariable trickle them down to us. Now can we raise our prices and expect customers to keep purchasing? no of course not. So we continue to absorb the extra costs that eat away at our profits. What does this mean long term? No growth, less customers and less profits – so what do we do? we lay people off & spend less – how great for the economy!

Small businesses are the lifeblood of this country – don’t let anyone else tell you different. Wallmart, Amazon Home Depot and others are not breathing life into local economies. Nor are their so called “profits” to be believed. Everyone is looking at total sales not profit! Yea we did 15% more then last year – a billion dollars extra – great wonderful rock on!!! But wait – how much profit did you make? Profit? we don’t need no stinking profit!@ Thats right whilst retail numbers may appear to be on the rise, the cost of doing business aka profits are WAYYYY down. Hence holiday sales that everyone like to watch are meaningless because they are all discounted prices meaning less profits. Less profits means less people to hire and so on.

Just a brief look at my new “fees” aka taxes:
1. The MTA illegally taking money from me (remember that MTA tax that was declared unconstitutional – I am still waiting for my $46,678 refund from them – imagine if i owed the IRS this”)

2. My property value magically has risen so i can pay more property taxes but guess what? My appraisal value went DOWN meaning banks wont lend me / refinance me – can someone explain this?

3. Water bill has magically quadruples with the NEW meters installed – that’s right my water bill for over 15 years has never been more than $220 – now since the new meters have been installed it has risen to over $475 with every bill going up! Magically when you complain an $8 an hour person says “you have a leak” yea ok.

4. New bill in teh mail – city wants me to pay insurance on the pipes OUTSIDE my buildings and houses in case they break. HUH? is this not what the water and sewer and taxes are for? Double dip into my pocket.

5. Obama care – need i go on?

6. Gas prices – oh yea lets drive an electric car. Really? what about the delivery companies that bring me my products and supplies? Oh we forgot about them – UPS, USPS (which should be shut down – another post), Fedex etc.. all have raised their prices AND added a fuel surcharge guess who pays this?

7. Unregulated competition from other countries has driven up the cost of raw materials such as protein, dairy, wheat, gas etc….

8. Pay roll taxes have increased

That’s just a few of my ever increasing burdens against a backdrop of high unemployment and lower sales – guess what I have to do? Thats correct – let people go, spend less. Great how this makes the economy go round no?

Well mr president and all those that believe in his redistribution of wealth aka socialism – when i release my last employee and close down – who will feed the voracious government then?

To quote Will Rogers ” It is a good thing that we do not get as much government as we pay for”

When this 4 last years are over……