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Governor Cuomo budget turns schools into pseudo parents

[preamble]As our economy continues to pitifully eek along, as costs continue to rise, as our government continues to find new ways of “stimulating” our pockets to extract more from us, our governor’s solution is to turn our public schools into day care centers taking the place of parenting.

Is it me or lately we seem to be paying more and more for the poor, under privileged and minority groups? Is it me or is our government creating an entitlement mentality that takes away responsibility from ourselves?
I have an idea. Lets teach these people that we seems to have to take care of as though they are our extended family, to work, take care of their own children and educate themselves – take responsibility for themselves. If you cannot afford a child than don’t have them – family values instead of handouts.

And why are we extending more and more to schools? Our school system is graduating idiots that cannot read, write or do basic math. Yet they absorb a massive amount of our budget and continue to want more. I can remember being a child and the teachers union screaming for more money – yet you never hear of a winning school – always failures.

Is it me to think that this is more of a crisis than the fake health care issues.

Hey elected officials – we the working people that provide the jobs and the taxes to keep this country running are getting tired of working for you – you have taken too much.


Dear Fellow New Yorker,

This year’s budget agreement is good news for New York’s students. By funding key education reforms in the Governor’s agenda, the 2013-14 budget ensures that New York State continues to lead the nation by creating a world-class education system that prepares our students for the future.

The Governor has been committed to transforming our state’s education system into one that focuses on improving student performance and increasing school accountability. Critical to this effort was last year’s success in establishing a statewide teacher evaluation system that is one of the strongest in the nation and which has become even stronger with an agreement this year to ensure that all schools institute permanent systems. (Click here to read more)

This year’s budget includes an increase of nearly $1 billion in education aid that continues to hold schools accountable for student achievement. Education reforms in the budget include:

  • Full day pre-k: Recognizing that quality early education is critical for long-term success and that children who attend full-day pre-k often outperform their peers, the budget provides funding for full-day pre-k targeted toward higher need students.
  • Extended School Day and School Year Programs: Our country lags behind in terms of how much time is spent in the classroom. To ensure we have a globally competitive education system, New York’s budget supports high-quality, extended learning time for our students.
  • Community Schools: The budget supports an innovative program designed to transform schools in distressed communities into community hubs that integrate social, health and other services, as well as after-school programming to provide much-needed support to students and their families.
  • Reward High-Performing Teachers: To improve results and incentivize high-performance, the budget implements a program that will offer $15,000 in annual stipends for four years to the most effective teachers beginning with math and science teachers.
  • Increased Standards for Teacher Certifications: To ensure the best and brightest are teaching our children, the State Education Department will increase the standards for teacher certification to require passage of a “bar exam” as well as longer, high-quality student-teaching experiences conducted in school settings.
  • Early College High School Programs: To improve college access and success, the budget provides new state funding to expand Early College High School programs.